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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Giving Back To Communities & Animals Around the World

One With Care Mascot turned Philanthropist, Ginger attended the Second Harvest Food Drive at the Irvine Great Park in Orange County. As a group we gathered as many bags of cans that we could donate. This time of year is crucial for so many individuals and families to come together and give back to their communities in any way that they are capable. It is so important to remember all the animals in the world as well. If you have resources to donate time or money; please visit One With Care about us page to see a list of Caring companies that support needy animals around the world. These are voiceless creatures that need human help. One With Care invites you to anticipate the needs of animals around the world today.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Launch of Great Park Jack-O-Lantern Starts Countdown to Great Park Pumpkin Harvest on October 20 | Orange County Great Park

Tommorow is the Launch of Great Park Jack-O-Lantern!!! This is such a wonderful event for family, kids, friends and especially pets to attend! Family and Pet events can be awesome this time of year due to Halloween costumes expanding in wide variety for pets each year that passes. I remember times when we would have to turn a baby tee-shirt into a costume for our dogs. Those days are long gone, and now are the days to find excellent costumes for pets. I can't wait to see all the adorable doggies dressed up in costume at this pet friendly event~ We will be there representing One With Care..Dog Walking & Home Pet Care, if you see us~ Please say Hi and get your pets photo snapped~we will develop and send it to you in the mail "on the dog house" (free)!
Dont Forget to bring canned foods to help out other families

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Dog Day Afternoon"

Friday October the 5th, was My Baby Girl's 7th birthday...We celebrated at the Lazy Dog Cafe!  The Outside patio has pet owners and dogs at every table patiently acting as if they are human, a great happy hour menu and lush greenery in a comfortable family friendly setting.  So many happy pet owners relaxing in the Friday afternoon sun of Orange County.  We had a seat at a lovely corner table, and I promptly set down a dog bed for Ginger Pie as they do not allow the dogs to sit in their chairs.  I brought Ginger some treats for her to snack on and I ordered off the happy hour menu; lettuce wraps and an Asian pear martini (fabulous pairing btw).  Ginger and I sat happily amongst other pet families while we opened gifts and she snacked on organic dog treats from One With Care! "Peanut Butter Paws" & "Bacon Wrapped Bones." The healthiest snacks for dogs!  We took a snap shot of us at the table~it was a great lil celebration for us!!!
I love you Ging~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Raise a Well Behaved Pet

I am ONE WITH CARE...I was raised to respect nature, animals and the earth.  I have spent time raising and helping to care for dogs, cats, birds, pigs, chickens and horses.  I was trained to anticipate animals needs and recognized early on in my life how one on one time spent with your pet can ultimately train them to be a well behaved animal.
Tender love is the best for a cat or dog, even a bird.  Growing up, my parents owned a Landscaping and Arborist Company.  The sites that required tree trimming or removal would (at times) also require the removal of a birds nest.  Instead of abandonment, or trashing of nests as most companies conducting that type of business do; my parents decided to take them home.  They would nurture the eggs into the hatching of the birds, raising them to eat and fly, and then setting them free after some gentle rearing.  These same birds we would gather as a family and set free would always stay close to home; flying back to the sound of our whistles.
As a child growing to a young adult I watched and assisted my parents raise many birds, dogs and cats throughout the years.  They taught me to give direct attention and affection to every animal, every pet and even all the birds.  They showed me you can hold a bird, cat or dog in a way that truly sends your intention to care into them through your touch. I use the methods my parents and family have taught me to care for animals. 
True affection, time spent loving your animal will change you and change your pet. They begin to see that you (their owner) can touch every part of their body and it wont hurt them; this is much needed trust. Dogs, Cats, Birds, all animals come to us apprehensive to human touch and behavior. I have first hand experienced the time and patience and consistency it requires to show an animal what is "good" and what is "bad" through positive re-enforcement.
Ultimately I believe that pets are just like children, they need to be taught what is good, and raised with unconditional love, so they can provide the same to you in return...